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ASCE Earth & Space Conference Student Paper Competition

The Earth & Space Conference is pleased to announce a Student Paper Competition. The Competition is open to any student first author of an 2018 Earth & Space Conference contribution. Students whose abstracts have been accepted by the Conference will be considered for this paper competition.

In order to be considered, students must:

  • Be a student at the time of submission.
  • Present the paper at the conference and must be the principal (i.e. first) author of the paper.
  • Submit an abstract to be considered for oral presentation in the Conference (in any of the Conference Symposia). Abstracts should be submitted by the Conference deadline.
  • In the abstract submission process, check the box that indicates that the paper should be included in the Student Paper Competition
  • Forward the abstract acceptance notification and express interest in the competition to Dr. Krzysztof Skonieczny ( within one week of the abstract acceptance notice.  This will confirm your interest in the student paper competition
  • Submit a paper manuscript via the EDAS Conference Services online system by the Conference deadline.
  • Submit a final paper manuscript via the EDAS Conference Services online system by the Conference deadline, addressing comments and questions received during peer review, as applicable.

Finalists for the competition will be selected based on the quality of the paper manuscripts submitted. Judges may also take into account the student’s ability to respond to peer review, as applicable.

Finalists will be contacted at least 1 month prior to the conference, and invited to present their work in a special session of the Conference in front of a panel of judges. Note that this will be an additional presentation to the oral presentation the students will give as part of the regular Earth & Space Conference (in the Symposium they submitted their abstracts to). Final competition ranking will be based on a combination of the quality of the paper and of the presentation.

The winner will be recognized at the conference Awards Banquet. The student will receive a formal certificate along with a letter of commendation.  A letter of commendation will also be sent to the winner’s advisor and/or department head, as appropriate.

Abstract Submission

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