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16th Biennial ASCE International Conference on Engineering,
Science, Construction and Operations in Challenging Environments

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April 2018 | Cleveland, Ohio

Connect with experts and leaders in civil engineering, construction, architecture, aerospace engineering, in-situ resource utilization, planetary science and more at the ASCE Aerospace Division’s 2018 Earth and Space Conference.

This 16th Biennial event will explore the cutting edge in engineering, science, construction and operations for extreme environments on Earth and in Space

Call for Abstracts – January 2017


Conference includes:

  • Discussions about extra-terrestrial destinations and how to pioneer there
  • Terrestrial challenges in Civil Engineering and how Earth and Space have mutual benefit
  • Over 130 peer reviewed research papers were submitted by authors from 16 countries
  • Presentations will be made in four concurrent symposia over four days


Conference Symposia

Symposium 1: Granular Materials in Space Exploration

Symposium 2: Exploration and Utilization of Extra-Terrestrial Bodies

Symposium 3: Advanced Materials and Designs for Hydraulic, Earth, and Aerospace Structures

Symposium 4: Structures in Challenging Environments:  Dynamics, Controls, Smart Structures, Health Monitoring, and Sensors

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