Post-Conference Tours

Participants are invited to take advantage of one of the optional post-conference tours.  All tours will be scheduled to depart hotel on Thursday, 04/12/2018 at 1:00 pm and return at 5:30 pm.  A boxed lunch and transportation will be provided. 

 NASA Glenn Research Center

  • NASA Glenn Research Center – designs, develops and tests innovative technology for aeronautics and spaceflight to enable further exploration of the universe.  Arrangements are being made to tour several of its research facilities to include the SLOPE and the Ballistic Impact Labs.  Other labs are pending.

(Note:  security restrictions require individuals to be US Citizen or US Permanent Resident)

 2018 Post-Conference Tour Goodyear Hanger

  • Goodyear Airship Hanger (Wingfoot Lake Ohio Base) – built in 1917, the oldest airship facility and one of the oldest active aircraft bases in the world.  In addition to being a maintenance and construction facility for Goodyear’s Blimp fleet, it is currently the home to Goodyear’s new semi-rigid Zeppelin airship, Wingfoot Two.

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