Dr. An Chen (Iowa State University)

"Gap Between Code Requirements and Current State of Research on Fiber-Reinforced Polymer for Building Component" (30 minutes)

In the past two decades, Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) materials have been increasingly used in civil engineering. Compared to its wide applications in civil infrastructure system, the use of FRP in buildings is rather limited. One reason is that, unlike civil infrastructure, buildings have more stringent non-structural performance requirements, including fire rating, smoke and toxicity, flame spread, water resistance, flood resistance, etc. Although numerous studies have been conducted on structural performances of FRP structures, limited studies are available on the non-structural performance. This presentation aims to identify the gap between building code requirements and current state of research on FRP materials. To this end, Part I is devoted to a summary of the research findings on non-structural performances. Based on International Building Code (IBC) and other specifications, Part II systematically examines the code requirements according to the FRP’s target applications as load-bearing members, interior finishes, exterior finishes, or roofings; and their corresponding ASTM standards. Part III evaluates the research findings from Part I against the requirements from building codes in Part II. Finally, the applicability, limitations, and future work for FRP materials to be used for building applications are provided in Part III.

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