Dr. Wieslaw Binienda (University of Akron) &
Dr. Rob Goldberg (NASA Glenn)

"Testing and Analysis of the High Strain Rate and Impact Response of Advanced Composite Materials" (60 minutes)

Polymer composites are gaining wider usage in primary aerospace structures due to their higher stiffness and strength and lower weight as compared to traditional materials. In particular, they are being applied in components such as aircraft engine fan cases where the ability to withstand impact and dynamic loads is critical. As part of the FAA certification process, engine cases must demonstrate the ability to maintain structural integrity under fan blade out conditions. The testing and analysis methods required to characterize the response of composites under impact loading conditions and to design the composite components are areas of active research. The presentation will describe the efforts at NASA Glenn Research Center, the University of Akron and affiliated institutions to develop advanced testing and analysis methods to characterize and simulate the response of composites under impact conditions. Testing methods such as the split Hopkinson bar for material characterization and gas guns for structural level ballistic impact testing, along with supporting lower strain rate testing techniques, will be described. Key features of the material response under impact conditions observed during the high strain rate testing will be discussed. Analysis methods that have been developed to analyze the response of composite materials under high strain rate and impact conditions at various length scales, from detailed micromechanical level modeling to the continuum (or structural) level will also be described.

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