Dr. Steven Arnold (NASA Glenn)

"Composites Materials: Introduction" (40 minutes)

In this lecture, participants will be introduced to the world of composite materials. By the end of the lecture they should know what a composite is, the various types, associated length scale and damage mechanisms active in different classes, different manufacturing processes, example applications. Participants will also be introduced to design and analysis concepts related to composites. They should understand the difference between macromechanics and micromechanics analysis and the advantages and disadvantages of each approach. An overview of laminate theory (effective properties), stacking sequence and associated nomenclature, and general design rules and different design philosophies will be reviewed.

"Micromechanics of Composite Materials: A Generalized Multiscale Analysis Approach" (30 minutes)

In this lecture, participants will learn in more detail about micromechanics analysis of composite materials and in particular NASA GRC’s ImMAC toolset which enables prediction of effective behavior of all types of composites as well as micromechanics based finite element analysis of structures comprised of composite materials. By the end of the lecture participants should know what an RUC/RVE is, what MAC/GMC and FEAMAC are and how to get access to these programs, as well as understand their capabilities and limitations.

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